What is a Public Adjuster (PA)?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional who represents only the policyholder at the time of loss. Unlike the adjusters representing the insurance company, the Public Adjuster is loyal, responsive, and dedicated to serving only the interests of you - the insured! Our expertise lies in our ability to:
• Understand complex insurance policies from the standpoint of the insured.
• Prepare detailed estimates of damage to buildings and structures.
• Prepare detailed inventories of business and/or personal property with itemized pricing.
• Prepare business interruption, rental value claims and additional living expenses.
• Present your claim in a professional and organized package.

Finally, we begin the process of negotiation. It is during settlement negotiations that our professionalism, prior documentation, and experience pay off in larger settlements.


Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?
The typical insurance policy contains many provisions, complex details, and technical language about your requirements and the complicated procedures you must adhere to in case of loss.


Many people do not know or understand these policy provisions, and do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholder.


We are well trained in what to look for in an insurance policy and fully understand the procedures necessary in preparing and filing a claim in accordance with policy requirements.


Won’t my insurance company pay me all I am due?
Your insurance company will pay the minimum amount due from the perspective of the staff adjuster, unless you prove to them that you are owed more. Your policy clearly states that you must provide documented proof that you are owed more money than the staff adjuster identifies.


How can a PA better serve me over an insurance company adjuster?
The insurance company employee adjuster or the independent adjuster, are employed exclusively by the insurance company, the same people that provide their paychecks. We work for our client’s best interests exclusively.


What steps should I take in the event of a loss?
First, know that you are responsible for protecting your damaged and undamaged property from further loss. Do not dispose of anything. Do not let anyone remove anything from your property until you have contacted Gary D. Morris & Associates to evaluate the loss. Contact Gary D. Morris & Associates to conduct an initial, free consultation.


Should I allow the insurance company to salvage materials from my damaged property?
Do not allow anything to be thrown away. Gary D. Morris & Associates will help evaluate what can and should be salvaged. The insurance company may send a salvor, cleaning company or demolition crew. You should have Gary D. Morris & Associates on site because those expenses reduce the money you’ll have available to replace your destroyed property.


Why is contractor’s estimate insufficient to enable my insurance company to make an equitable settlement?
Building contractors do not have the experience or a license to interpret insurance policies and how they apply to the loss. They are not knowledgeable in calculating depreciation, coinsurance, actual cash value provisions of the policy, and other elements of your loss. Furthermore, a contractor is usually competitive with his bid, attempting to provide his lowest bid to get the job.

Hidden heat, smoke and water damage could cause you serious problems even after you settle your loss. In addition, a contractor cannot handle your personal or business property inventories, prepare your additional living expense loss, or business interruption loss. It is against State law to represent an insured without the proper licensing.


What is the difference between an insurance staff adjuster, an independent adjuster, and a Public Adjuster?
• A staff adjuster (often referred to as simply the "insurance adjuster") works for the insurance company and serves the interests of his or her employer.
• An independent adjuster is self-employed or works for an independent adjusting firm that is retained by several insurance companies on a loss-by-loss basis; he or she also works for the insurance company, not for the policyholder.
• A public adjuster works exclusively for policyholders and never for insurance companies. This means there is no inherent conflict of interest when it comes to advocating on your behalf.


Can I wait to get an offer from my insurance company before retaining Gary D. Morris & Associates?
At the onset, the insurance company makes a dollar evaluation of your loss at the time they first inspect it. This is called the “reserve” and is a requirement in most states. The company adjuster bases the “reserve” solely upon his initial inspection, your knowledge of the loss, and additional information you may remember to tell him. He is hired and paid by the insurance company so his interest is how to best protect his employer.
Unless some agreements are made initially regarding the scope of loss and what should be done next (such as temporary repairs, temporary business or living quarters, restoration contractors, etc...), serious problems could arise that may jeopardize your final settlement figures. Gary D. Morris & Associates will help eliminate the possibility of “forgotten items” that may have been overlooked by you. To avoid these misunderstandings, long delays and reduce settlement figures, it is wise to hire Gary D. Morris & Associates to deal with these possible problems before they occur.
Although many of our clients retain our services after they have received an initial settlement offer on their structure, the majority see the benefit of retaining our services prior to submitting their personal/business property claims. If your home or business happens to be a total loss, there may be no reason for you to retain a public adjuster if your carrier is going to pay the full policy limits up front. Unfortunately, this rarely occurs.



“We are so thankful that our neighbors referred
us to Gary! We had no idea that we could simply
purchase a new home instead of rebuilding in order to collect our full replacement cost benefits.”

K. & V. Sloan








After our home was destroyed by fire, we retained Gary Morris to represent our interests. Gary skillfully avoided problems which could have occurred and guided the insurance process masterfully. We have since referred his services to other fire victims in our area and will continue to do so.

H. & B. Hisgen








Our only regret is that we didn’t retain Gary sooner. We are still amazed not only at how much he recovered, but how detailed and prompt he was. Itemizing our entire personal property loss with current pricing would have been impossible without Gary and his team.

C. & V. Martinez








I have been asked by a lot of people what is the first thing they should do if their house catches on fire. I always tell them to call 911 and then call Gary. Gary was ultimately able to negotiate another $80 thousand on the rebuild of our house and we went from $73 thousand to $160 thousand on our personal property settlement.

G. & M. Tunnell


Gary Morris came to the rescue after our home was gutted by fire. When the insurance company dug their heels in, Gary took our claim through the appraisal process and was successful in obtaining an additional $44K. I believe so strongly in his abilities and services offered that I often go out of my way to refer him to other folks who have had a fire.

L. Lee


It was a real relief to have Gary on the job. He was confident that we had a good case and he argued our case with the skill and cunning of an attorney. All of our dealings were courteous, polite, timely and efficient. Obviously, I highly recommend Gary D. Morris and Associates. They did an awesome job for us and we are very grateful. If you have had a fire loss or any other type of disaster, do yourself a favor and call Gary.

L. LaPenna


If you're looking for a public adjuster to represent you, I would strongly suggest Gary Morris. After fighting with my insurance company for over 6 months, I realized that I needed experts to help substantiate our loss. Gary took over and nearly doubled the offer that was on the table. I should have saved the aggravation and hired Gary directly after our fire, I will next time.

B. Quintana


We were so impressed with the representation of Gary Morris on our house fire 10 years ago, that we hired him to handle our major hail loss last year. He is the best kept secret in Colorado.

T. & S. Lindsey