Few people know that the burden of proof in an insurance claim lies squarely with you, the policyholder. As your advocate, Gary D. Morris & Associates will orchestrate every step of your claim, provide detailed documentation, and guide your decisions that will impact your settlement. We will work closely with you through the entire process of navigating and proving your claim.


After a major property loss, you will have to make many decisions that will ultimately affect your final insurance recovery. You can partner with Gary D. Morris & Associates to help you with the following:


  • We provide a free, on-site inspection. This may help you understand what evidence to protect and preserve that is often removed by the insurance companies and contractors.
  • We review your insurance policy in detail to help you understand the complex language and restrictive conditions (stipulations and provisions) in your policy.
  • We determine all coverage available, there are additional coverage’s hidden within your policy that you will want to know about.
  • We protect your financial interests in the insurance claim. Gary D. Morris & Associates will level the playing field to ensure you get the maximum insurance settlement allowed by your policy.
  • Upon your acceptance of our services, we inventory of all your damaged property, determine replacement values, and obtain comprehensive estimates for repairs/replacement.
  • We will document your entire claim utilizing comprehensive insurance industry software that provides detailed structural estimates and personal/business property inventories.
  • We handle all of the details of your claim in a format that will comply with the terms of your policy. We pay for all necessary experts to support your claim such as estimators, engineers, environmentalists, appraisers, etc.
  • We take the burden off of your shoulders so that you can get back to your normal routine and keep your peace of mind and allow you to return to your normal daily activities, insulating you and your family from stresses which can affect your important decisions at this crucial time.
  • We save you the hassle of researching the cost to repair or replace your personal and/or business property.
  • We communicate effectively on your behalf and keep you informed and updated on a regular basis.
  • We convert complex insurance lingo in your policy into everyday language that will help you make important and advantageous decisions.
  • We save you time by negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf and in most cases, obtain much larger overall settlements through our experience and expertise.
  • Our contingent fees, which are a small percentage of your claim, are more than offset by the ultimate settlements you will receive with our assistance. We require no up-front fees and only get paid when you do.
  • If you are interested in retaining a Public Adjuster, we suggest meeting directly with the actual individual that will be representing you and make sure they are properly licensed with the Division of Insurance. Make sure they are members of RMAPIA and/or NAPIA with current and past references. Although retaining a qualified and seasoned Public Adjuster will likely result in a higher overall settlement, we like to sell our service. We believe that taking the burden off your shoulders, letting you get back to normal day to day activities and letting us exert the many hours of time and energy to handle your claim is worth our small contingency fee alone.







“We are so thankful that our neighbors referred
us to Gary! We had no idea that we could simply
purchase a new home instead of rebuilding in order to collect our full replacement cost benefits.”

K. & V. Sloan








After our home was destroyed by fire, we retained Gary Morris to represent our interests. Gary skillfully avoided problems which could have occurred and guided the insurance process masterfully. We have since referred his services to other fire victims in our area and will continue to do so.

H. & B. Hisgen








Our only regret is that we didn’t retain Gary sooner. We are still amazed not only at how much he recovered, but how detailed and prompt he was. Itemizing our entire personal property loss with current pricing would have been impossible without Gary and his team.

C. & V. Martinez








I have been asked by a lot of people what is the first thing they should do if their house catches on fire. I always tell them to call 911 and then call Gary. Gary was ultimately able to negotiate another $80 thousand on the rebuild of our house and we went from $73 thousand to $160 thousand on our personal property settlement.

G. & M. Tunnell


Gary Morris came to the rescue after our home was gutted by fire. When the insurance company dug their heels in, Gary took our claim through the appraisal process and was successful in obtaining an additional $44K. I believe so strongly in his abilities and services offered that I often go out of my way to refer him to other folks who have had a fire.

L. Lee


It was a real relief to have Gary on the job. He was confident that we had a good case and he argued our case with the skill and cunning of an attorney. All of our dealings were courteous, polite, timely and efficient. Obviously, I highly recommend Gary D. Morris and Associates. They did an awesome job for us and we are very grateful. If you have had a fire loss or any other type of disaster, do yourself a favor and call Gary.

L. LaPenna


If you're looking for a public adjuster to represent you, I would strongly suggest Gary Morris. After fighting with my insurance company for over 6 months, I realized that I needed experts to help substantiate our loss. Gary took over and nearly doubled the offer that was on the table. I should have saved the aggravation and hired Gary directly after our fire, I will next time.

B. Quintana


We were so impressed with the representation of Gary Morris on our house fire 10 years ago, that we hired him to handle our major hail loss last year. He is the best kept secret in Colorado.

T. & S. Lindsey